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Dr.Marisa Marchionda-Optometrist

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“ I have been to a couple of well known Optometrists in the Burlington area, however Dr. Marchionda is the best Optometrist I’ve ever been to. She was very thorough and took her time answering all of my questions. I made a great decision in choosing Dr. Marchionda. She showed true concern over my well being and I highly recommend her.  ”

“ Dr. Marchionda is amazing. I have been going to another optometrist in Burlington for years and recently switched after hearing good reviews from others. She is very friendly, but what impressed me the most is that she is so knowledgeable! She took an interest in my needs and taught me things about my eyes that I never knew before, which adds a lot to her credibility. All around, great doctor.  ”

“ My wife and I were both long-overdue for eye exams, and visited Dr. Marchionda based on all of the positive comments we read on this site. We were not disappointed. Dr. Marchionda was extremely competent, knowledgeable and reassuring. She obviously loves her job and has great empathy for her patients. If only the rest of the Health Sciences professionals would try to emulate this woman's sense of caring and thoroughness, we'd all benefit greatly.  ”

What Is Binocular Vision Disorders?

Binocular Vision Disorders

Binocular Vision Disorders - are often missed in children and can lead to reduced learning capability. If there is a problem with the binocular vision system of the eye, it can slow a child’s academic development. There are several different disorders of the binocular vision system, ranging from overactivitity or inefficiencies in convergence or accommodative muscles, or palsies with the extraocular muscles.